About us

EREL: delivering outstanding dates of the highest grade

At Erel, we work side by side with Israel’s finest, most professional date growers. Most date palm orchards are found in the Arava and Jordan Valley regions, which have been renowned for their premium dates since biblical times. We support and guide every stage of the growing process, from the harvest to your kitchen table.

We are firmly committed to always delivering outstanding dates of the highest grade, in full compliance with international quality standards. We bring more than 3,000 tons of dates (medjoul, super juicy, hayani, barhi) to market, as well as a range of tasty complementary products, such as date syrup and pickled dates.

Erel is staffed by some of the foremost professionals in the field, whose vast experience and deep love for this industry enable them to effectively support the entire marketing process, providing close personal attention every step of the way.

Erel exports products to a wide range of countries worldwide, including Eastern Europe, Turkey, Western Europe, the UK, India, East Asia, and the USA.