Hayani Dates

Natural Dates - Year round Freshness

From appealing appetizer to entrancing entrée to delectable dessert, there is nothing as delicious and nutritious as Jordan River Natural Hayani Dates.
Natural Dates have all the natural, sweet goodness but only half the calories of other dates.
Fresh All-Year-Round Dates are available from harvest to point of wholesale. They come in a wide variety of packages ranging from small consumer packages to 5-10 kg bulk cartons.
Unlike other exotic fruits, Fresh All-Year Round Dates are stored frozen for a prolonged shelf life. As long as they remain frozen, they remain in perfect condition and can wholesale just as if they came right off the tree.
Like all Jordan River dates, Fresh Dates meet and exceed BRC and Global Gap International standards.

The Hayani is a Soft, meaty and sweet date.
The origin of the Hayani is Egypt.
Its size is 15-30g and its shape is Elongated.

It has a Dark Brown-Black color and available Year Round.
Common uses of the Hayani are Desserts, Cooking, salads, Cocktails, mousse.
Storage temperature: -18°C
Store shelf: Freezer
Shelf life: 10 months